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AHRI Biostatistics unit provide high quality Biostatistical consulting for AHR researchers and students. We contribute to biomedical/ clinical trial research by developing, applying and dissemination appropriate bio statistical methods.

Aims of AHRI Biostatistics unit

  • Improve the quality of the provision of bostatistical advice, consulting and collaboration at all stages of the research process.
  • Assist on sample size determination, data collection, analysis, reporting and preparation statistical analysis plan with AHRI researchers and students.

Our mission is Contribute quality statistical output, better statistical methodology and accurate statistical analysis methods for AHRI student and researchers.

Major Area of the Research

Consult student and researchers on statistical methodology, statistical data analysis and output interpretation again we support on the preparation of statistical analysis plan.

Current Projects/Studies/Activities

• Data analysis on surveillance of bacterial meningitis in Ethiopia and examining factors affecting meningococcal disease severity.
• Data analysis on Characterization and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of blood culture isolates from septicemic patterns(CASP)
• Data cleaning Podoconisos


By supporting student and researchers on statistical methodology and statistical data analysis we finalize Risk factors of CMV and HEV, skin and soft tissue infection and serio epidemiology survey of viral STD’s in rural area projects and others