EBPH Workshop

The Collaboration for Evidence-based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa (CEBHA+) invites you to a five day, interactive workshop on Evidence-based Public Health, hosted by Armauer Hansen research institute.

 Date of workshop: 13-17 December 2021
Time: 09:00-17:00
Venue: To be Announced later

Objectives of the workshop:

The workshop will introduce the concepts of evidence-based public health (EBPH) and focus on finding, appraising, interpreting and applying best evidence to public health questions relevant to the African setting. After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain and discuss the principles and importance of EBPH
  • Explain concepts of “complex interventions” and “complex systems” and understand how these affect evaluation of public health interventions in primary research and evidence synthesis
  • Formulate clear questions relevant to public health in Africa
  • Search for best evidence to answer these questions
  • Describe the study designs used to evaluate public health interventions
  • Critically appraise a controlled before after study on a public health intervention and interpret results
  • Describe the value of research synthesis in public health
  • Critically appraise systematic reviews and interpret results
  • Discuss applicability of evidence to public health decision-making in Africa
  • Outline the value of public health guidelines and discuss concepts of evidence use in policy and practice

 This workshop is suitable for:

  • Researchers planning to undertake systematic reviews of public health interventions or working on other aspects of evidence-based public health;
  • Mid-career professionals working in public health institutions; and
  • Students undertaking postgraduate studies and wishing to embark on a career in evidence-based public health.

 Application to participate:

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, we request that you submit an online application before 31 October 2021, as spaces are limited. Successful participants will be notified via email by November 15, 2021.

 Follow this link to apply:  https://bit.ly/2WZVUPA  

 To enquire please contact:
Kiya Kedir , Project Coordinator for CEBHA+ , Ethiopia
Phone number: +251911572617
Email:  kiya.kedir@ahri.gov.et

This workshop is supported by funding from the Collaboration for Evidence-based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa (CEBHA+) project which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Research Networks for Health Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa Funding Initiative.


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