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Clinical Epidemiology Team

Clinical Epidemiology case team is a recently established case team in the knowledge management directorate of AHRI. It was structurally positioned since 2016 at AHRI, but practically was established in 2019.The case team has very few members that are structuring the frame work of the case teams’ path towards making a significant contribution in the research community of AHRI. Despite the early age of the case team, a number of possible engagements and contributions have already been planned. The importance of the case team is undoubtedly enormous and a lot is expected from the case team.

Mission of the team

Studying disease and the way it spreads so that to explore evidence on improving clinical and patient oriented healthcare.

Major areas of Work

  • Oversee research on various diseases or disease outbreaks
  • Design, develop, and participate in studies while overseeing them as well
  • Work with public health departments to control disease related issues
  • Provide scientific advice and training on research methods, data management, analysis, and evidence translation to post graduate student and collaborating universities or institutions
  •  Compile research data for review
  • Evaluate the results of medications and/or health care practices to better understand their safety or effectiveness
  • Evaluate effects, benefits, risks and determinants of clinical decisions such as: screening, diagnosis or treatment decisions
  • Engage to improve scientific knowledge and evidence uptake for decision making and technology utilization
  • Develop research digest and policy briefs to enhance dissemination of scientific data and use of evidence informed decision making
  • Develop/update standard operating procedures, guidelines, reports and other relevant documents; and ensure these documents are effectively used

Achievements and Former projects 

Due to the fact that this case team is just emerging in AHRI, not much achievement has been recorded in this case team. But the future directions being set from the inception are quiet promising to make a significant in contributions the researches being held in AHRI.

Current projects

  • Developing the knowledge management strategy for AHRI
  • Formulating the strategic plan for the upcoming activities of the clinical epidemiology case team

Future Directions

  • Conducting translation research
  • Conducting epidemiological studies (evaluating healthcare practices and assessing disease burdens)
  • Synthesizing evidence based information (Policy/issue briefs/research digests…etc)
  • Enhancing medical research capacity in universities and related research institutes
Background of research team: