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Health Research Communication

The Health Research communication case team of the knowledge management directorate is the heart of all the activities that takes place in Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI). It is a cross-cutting team dedicated to the communication of all the research outputs of AHRI and essentially serves as the health research communication outlet of the Institute to the rest of the world. It has a leading role in terms of translation of researches produced by AHRI researchers to the level of health policy influence by writing policy briefs.

Mission of the team      

The principal mission of the research communication case team is to create and consistent and regular communication with the national and International scientific communities working on the same area with AHRI. Providing clear and significant research findings of AHRI to Ethiopian ministry of Health to impose policy changes and updates, facilitating the publication of worthy scientific works to the global scientific community and utilizing several media outlets to spread the significant researches held under AHRI and their importance are a few of the main tasks that research communication case team addresses.

Major areas of Work

  • Writing policy briefs to the Ministry of Health
  • Supporting the uptake of research evidence by the policy decision makers to be able to reach an evidence-informed decision
  • Preparation and publications of research digests.
  • Providing pitched research findings of AHRI for policy makers at MOH.
  • Working closely with AHRI researchers to improve and update their research presentation and communication skills.
  • Preparation of media forum together with the public relations directorate that are to be forwarded to several national and international media.

Achievements and Former projects 

  • The health research communication has been successfully leading the evidence mapping on the magnitude of antimicrobial resistance in Ethiopia under the Clinical Research Network initiative at AHRI
  • Delivering path-breaking training on effective health research communication to the senior editors and reporters of the mainstream media outlets in Ethiopia
  • Sharing cutting-edge knowledge by synthesizing the research evidence in accordance with the international body of evidence grading system
  • Produced and submitted three policy briefs to the Ministry of Health

Current projects

  • The magnitude of antimicrobial resistance in Ethiopia: A systematic review
  • Assessment of healthcare providers’ compliance to indicators of pre- and post-operative surgical site infection prevention in selected hospitals od the Clinical Research Network in Ethiopia: A mixed method study
  • The magnitude of biofilm formation and antimicrobial resistance pattern of bacteria isolated from urinary catheterized inpatients in Sub-Saharan Africa: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  • Preparing tailored health research communication guideline

Future Directions

The health research communication team will continue to serve as an interactive and innovative progressive learning platform in line with the knowledge management directorate’s ambition of establishing a center of excellence of evidence synthesis and translation of research evidence into policy for the health system of Ethiopia