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About RTD

The Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) has been engaged in post graduate biomedical research training (Master’s and PhD) for over 30 years for students who are coming from various universities in Ethiopia. As part of its mandate, AHRI hosts Master’s and PhD students in collaboration with various universities in the country aiming to enabling them to conduct their research work through provision of supervision, availing of laboratory facility and financial support. Training Directorate of AHRI is responsible for coordination Post Graduate training, including the new student recruitment by a competitive means.

To advance the postgraduate and researchers’ capacity on conducting, analyzing and disseminating of their research work the directorate coordinate short term training on different topics based on the needs of postgraduate students and AHRI Researchers. As essential part of the internal teaching and training activities laboratory / journal club meeting are organized by the directorate every Friday afternoon.  AHRI Tore Godal prize award which is given yearly to deserving young candidates who have carried out outstanding research in the biomedical sciences has been also organized by the directorate.

Graduate students are funded by AHRI's core budget or by specific grants obtained for student support such as:

  • Emory-Ethiopia TB Research Training
  • Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Training Program
  • Brighton-Sussex Global Health Centre
  • FMoH-AHRI clinical research collaboration
  • AHRI-Haromaya University joint PhD program
  • AHRI-University of Gonder Joint PhD program

Research Ethics Unit

AHRI/ALERT Ethics Review Committee (AAERC) re-established in 2004 composed of 12 active members with multidisciplinary expertise, good gender and age balance.   The Committee has received recognition from the Strategic Initiative Developing Capacity in Ethics Review (SIDCER) in 2009 with strong assistance from the WHO/TDR and the Pan-Africa Bioethics Initiatives (PABIN).Since then the Committee is functioning optimally with established ethical standards of ICH-GCP as well as the national guideline to meet the needs of clinical trial investigators and post-graduate students and different investigators. The Committee works with researchers to promote high quality research and also has mechanisms for expedited review. The Committee regularly meets monthly and may also meet when needed to speed up review processes.

   Short term Training

Deliver the following short-term training courses to AHRI’s graduate students, researchers and faculties


Type of Training






Research Ethics

Good Clinical/ Laboratory Practice (GCP/GCLP)

Techniques in Molecular Biology

Data Management and Biostatistics


Biosafety and Biosecurity    

3 days

5 days

10 days

14 days

3 days

5 days


Azeb Mekonnene

Research Training A/ Director

Email: azeb.mekonnen@ahri.gov.et


Rahma Abdela     

Assistance Researcher

Email: research.training@ahri.gov.et



Belachew Hailu

Assistance Researcher

Email: research.training@ahri.gov.et

Woinesb Tamirat

Assistance Researcher, IRB

Email:  ahri.alerterc@ahri.gov.et

Azeb Mekonnene

A/Director, Research Training Directorate
Email: azeb.mekonnen@ahri.gov.et