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Tuberculosis Research Advisory Council

About TRAC

Tuberculosis Research Advisory Council (TRAC) is a voluntary network of NTP and other relevant MOH Agency, public research institutions, major national universities and other key TB stakeholders.

TRAC is a core technical advisory body to the NTP that sets TB research priorities and builds national capacity to conduct TB research. Over the last 15 years TRAC has been actively engaged in the facilitating capacity building, promotion, conduct and dissemination of operational research in TB control and has been a forum for dialogue and interaction between researchers and NTP staff in Ethiopia.

The NTP acts as the Secretariat for TRAC with its TRAC Secretariat office housed at Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), while the chairperson rotates in terms of three years among member institutions.


Aspire to see coordinated and geared research on TB contributing to end TB in Ethiopia and beyond


  Give advice how to coordinate and gear TB researches in a way that contribute end TB strategy.

Overview of TRAC March Events

The 15th TRAC Annual Conference and WTD Organizing committee TRAC, FMoH, AHRI and AACAHB  at Ethiopian Public Health Institute Conference Hall, 22-23 March 2021

Goals of TRAC

  • Define national TB research priorities and update as the time demands.
  • Create a conducive environment for TB research.
  • Review current status and problems of operational and other forms of researches in the country.
  • Recommend effective and efficient mechanisms for coordination, management and evaluation of TB research as well as dissemination and uptake of results.
  • Identify potential TB research funding Institution or organization and communicate them in accordance with TB research priority areas
  • Identify needs for capacity building to facilitate TB research in Ethiopia.
  • Define national TB research priorities and update as the time demands.



Dr Abebe Habte
Senior Researcher and TRAC
secretariat focal person
Email: abebe.habte@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251913677377
P.O.Box: 50469 code 1000

Tuberculosis Research Advisory Council (TRAC)