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Legal Affair Directorate (LAD)

About LAD

The Legal Affairs Directorate provides legal support to all Directorates of the Institute and works on behalf of the Institute on legal and judicial matters. It is accountable to the Director General.


Its mission is to guarantee that the institute maintains a healthy and lawful relationship with third parties and to ensure that all internal procedures and functions are in accordance with the law.


To become a leading department under Ministry of health in protecting the legal rights of the institute and the community through legal research and training.

Main functions

The Directorate performs the following key functions in accordance with the Directorate's strategic directions and principles.

  • Advise and provide professional support to the institute as it deals with third parties.
  • Participate in legal conferences and forums on behalf of the Institute and provide legal writing and advice accordingly.
  • Work in collaboration with the other Directorates; top management of the institute; Ministry of Health, Federal Attorney General; Criminal Investigation Office.
  • Provide training on legal issues in collaboration with other Directorates.
  • Manage the budget allocated to the Directorate.
  • Prepare and submit legal writings on legal interpretation of proclamations, regulations and directives used by the Institute.
  • Provide written advice to the Institute’s officials on policies, strategies and any legal issues.
  • Identify legal gaps in the implementation process of legislations and submit recommendations in writing.
  • Prepare and revise contracts.
  • Prepare complaint or defence response to legal suites.
  • Monitor and follow-up civil and criminal cases.
  • Perform researches on legal issues related to biomedical and clinical research.



Herani Sahlu 
Acting Director,Legal Affairs Directorate 
Email: herani.sahlu@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251912023227