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  Mycobacterial Diseases Research Directorate(MDRD)

About MDRD

The Mycobacterial Diseases Research Directorate (MDRD) is mandated to conduct research on two major fields: Tuberculosis (TB) and Leprosy.

The mission of MDRD is to generate scientific evidences in both TB and leprosy contributing towards diagnosis, prevention and control of the diseases.

  • Basic Biomedical Research

             Understanding and characterizing the Host-pathogen interactions

  • Epidemiology of the diseases

            Molecular epidemiology of the circulating strains, drug resistance patterns


  • Biomarker search for



           drug targets

  • Operational Research


Major Research projects

1. An integrated approach to unraveling susceptibility to tuberculosis in Africa

              (TBGEN-Africa )

Africa has the highest level of genetic diversity amongst all human populations.  It also has the highest level of genetic diversity amongst populations of the pathogen that causes tuberculosis (TB).

The project proposed that the long history of co-evolution of host and pathogen genomes contributes to the diverse outcome following MTB infection, as reflected in the variable percentage of individuals progressing to active TB and varying efficiencies of ongoing transmission.

To test this hypothesis:

  • The distribution of MTB genotypes alongside the genotypes of genetically-distinct human populations in four African countries will be mapped.
  • Comparison of paired host and bacterial genomes will identify loci that have co-evolved.

This information will have fundamental importance in understanding the influence of host genetics on disease susceptibility and will highlight novel factors that impact on TB pathogenesis and pathology including the influence of HIV-induced immunosuppression.

Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Cameroon are members of the consortium and AHRI leads the project.

Funding:  Wellcome Trust through African Academy of Sciences (AAS) as part of the H3Africa Consortium.

For further reading: tbgen.ahri.gov.et

2. Immune Signatures to Characterize Progression from Latent TB Infection to Active TB Disease (Ethiopia) (Tuberculosis Research Units Network (TBRU) Ethiopia) 

The Tuberculosis Research Units Network (TBRU-N) is a consortium project involving partners from USA and other parts of the world to study the role of antigen specific T cell responses in the control of tuberculosis (TB). AHRI is involved in this consortium to study the spectrum of

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb)-antigen specific immune responses in contacts of pulmonary TB patients, which ultimately contribute to the development of tools that help identifying  people who are at higher risk of progression to active TB and make priorities for preventive interventions. The study is an observational study, involving contacts of pulmonary TB patients and conducted at selected health facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This collaborative project is funded by NIH.

For more information:  http://tbru.emory.edu/ 

3. AHRI-APOPO Tuberculosis Research Project

This project, being conducted under a partnership agreement between AHRI and APOPO (a non-profit organization that trains and deploys detection rats for humanitarian purposes; www.apopo.org) has two wings:

(A) enhanced TB case finding in Addis Ababa and

(B) improved TB/HIV screening in Ethiopian prisons. Special features of the project are the research into the use of TB detection rats (African giant pouched rats, bred and trained in Tanzania) as a TB diagnostic tool, and the improvement of services along the TB care cascade in line with the global efforts to “Find. Treat All” and ending TB.

4. SeroSelectTB 

Evaluation of the feasibility, accuracy, and effect of a rapid point-of-care serological triage test for active TB (SeroSelectTB) in high burden, HIV-endemic African settings: a multi-centre, parallel group, randomized, controlled trial.

Objective: to qualify the performance of SeroSelectTB and determine the extent to which the test reduces diagnostic delay and expedites treatment.

Funding: EDCTP; the leading institute is NIPH

5. Post Exposure Prophylaxis for leprosy (PEP4LEP )

"Chemoprophylaxis  for leprosy: comparing the effectiveness and feasibility of a skin camp intervention to a health centre based intervention; An implementation trial in Mozambique, Ethiopia and Tanzania" (PEP4LEP)

The general objective of the project is to contribute towards interrupting the transmission of M. leprae by identifying the most effective and feasible method for screening of people at risk of developing leprosy and administering chemoprophylaxis (a single dose rifampicin; SDR) in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Funding: EDCTP & LRI, and leading institute is NLR

6. Microbiological and epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis during pregnancy

 The project aims to investigate the impact of pregnancy on the immune control of latent TB infection.

7. C-type lectin receptor expression by helminth or HIV infection: setting the threshold for sensing of mycobacteria

The project aims at understanding the underlying mechanisms of immunity to M.tb by worm infections in the human system at the level of CLR expression. Specifically, the effect of maternal helminth infection on CLR expression in mothers and newborns will be investgated, which will address how intrauterine exposure of the infant to type 2 immune environment affects their response to BCG vaccination.CLR expression and functional analyses will be complemented with a broader analysis of immunological gene expression and epigenetic histone modifications.    

Collaborator: Universitats Klinikum Erlangen

Funding : DFG, German Research Foundation

8. Characterization of innate and adaptive immune responses to mycobacterial antigens in house-hold contacts of Tuberculosis patients (IRTBHHC). 

Objectives: to evaluate TB antigen specific immune responses in house hold contacts of TB patients, and correlations with the ability to inhibit mycobacterial growth and with epigenetic modifications in innate immune cells.

Funding: TBGEN Africa, EDCTP, OWSD-UNESCO, NIH/Fogarty Global Centre Infectious Diseases

For further reading : https://ahri.gov.et/irtbhhc/

9. Exploring epigenetic alterations of cellular immunity in MDR TB with relevance for new therapy using epigenetic and immune modulating drugs

The objective of this project is to study immune checkpoint molecules and epigenetic alterations in DS-TB and MDR-TB

10. Active case detection of leprosy and tracing household contacts in hotspot areas

 One of the priority areas in leprosy research is early detection of leprosy. The delay in leprosy case diagnosis and the presence of asymptomatic individuals at high risk of developing leprosy are the causes for increased disability among newly diagnosed patients and for ongoing transmission of leprosy in the population.

The recent strategy of WHO and national control program is to conduct active case detection and contact tracing activities in hot-spot sites. We have conducted ACF and contact tracing in West Arsi zone (Kokosa wereda) and in East Hararghe zone (Fedis wereda). The activity includes KAP assessment, training of HEW and TBL focal persons in leprosy management, house to house survey and close follow up of contacts and laboratory based assessments.

Researchers at MDRD

Dr. Kidist Bobosha (MSc, PhD)
Senior researcher and Director of MDRD
Email: kidist.bobosha@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251 911 672286
Skype: boboshak


Dr. Liya Wassie, (MSc, PhD)
Senior researcher and TB Team Leader
Email:  liya.wliya.wassie@ahri.gov.et asie@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251 911 664975
Skype: lilisho

Dr. Berhanu Seyoum, (MSc, PhD)
 Senior researcher
Email: berhanu.seyoum@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251 911 677774

Martha Zewdie (MSc, PhD)
Postdoctoral fellow- TBGEN Africa
PI of IRTBHHC project looking at protective immunity and epigenetic modifications of innate immune cells

Meseret Habtamu Mekonnen (MSc, PhD)
Postdoctoral fellow
C-type lectin receptor expression by helminth or HIV infection: setting the threshold for sensing of mycobacteria
Email: meseret.habtamu@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251 921623485

Negussie Beyene (PhD, MPH)
Head, AHRI-APOPO Research project
Email: negussie.beyene@apopo.org 
Tel: +251 911 391166 
Skype: negbene 


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  24. Negera E, Tilahun M, Bobosha K, Lambert SM, Walker SL, Spencer JS, Aseffa A,Dockrell HM, Lockwood DN. The effects of prednisolone treatment on serological responses and lipid profiles in Ethiopian leprosy patients with Erythema Nodosum Leprosum reactions. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2018 Dec 28;12(12):e0007035. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0007035. eCollection 2018 Dec. PubMed PMID: 30592714.

Graduate Student

Tsehaynesh Lema
A PhD student at Medical Microbiology Department, AAU in a BSPP program
Project : Active case detection of leprosy and household contact tracing at Kokosa Woreda, West Arsi Zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia.
Email: rbpt21@yahoo.com

Kedir Urgesa
A PhD student at Haramaya University-AHRI joint program in Medical microbiology program. Project: Epidemiology of Mycobacterium leprae infection among Household Contacts’ of previously undiagnosed leprosy patients in Fedis Woreda, Eastern Ethiopia: Community     Based Study
Email: kedirbofe@gmail.com

Alem Alemayehu
A PhD student working on Genetic Diversity and Drug Resistance Pattern of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates among Sputum Smear Negative Tuberculosis Patients.
Email: alemalemayehu@yahoo.com

Fregenet Tesfaye
A PhD student at Lund University, Sweden
Project : Dynamics of immune control of tuberculosis infection in relation to pregnancy. 
Email: fregenet_tesfaye.tegegn.5168@med.lu.se

Adugna Negussie
A PhD student at Lund University, Sweden  
Project : The effect of traditional Ethiopian foods and microbiota composition on the inflammatory disease; celiac disease among genetically risk pediatric population. 
Email: adugnalab@gmail.com

Ephrem Mamo
PhD student in PEP4LEP project
Chemoprophylaxis  for leprosy: comparing the effectiveness and feasibility of a skin camp intervention to a health centre based intervention; An implementation trial in Mozambique, Ethiopia and Tanzania.
Email: ephremmamo2015@gmail.com


Dr. Kidist Bobosha (MSc, PhD)
Senior researcher and Director of MDRD
Email: kidist.bobosha@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251 911 672286
Skype: boboshak   

MDRD Staff List