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Knowledge Management Directorate (KMD)

About KMD

Knowledge Management Directorate (KMD) committed to foster innovation by encouraging the culture of evidence generation and synthesis, proper documentation and archive and codification of the data and information. The directorate is working to bridge know-do gap and influence the culture of knowledge translation to enhance evidence-based practices of health services and health care system of the country and beyond. The directorate works further to enhance the uptake of research evidence through forums for research dissemination, preparing policy briefs, research digests, scientific and technical institutional reports. The directorate envisioned to enhance the institutional ability to update information easily and support, guide, consult and train researchers in overall usage of current healthcare technologies.

Composition of staff

KMD has 25 employees and a postgraduate student. The staff includes graduates in biomedical, clinical, public health, and information communication technology (ICT).

Data Management & Biostatistics


Data management and biostatistics case team has been engaged on the process of creating, sharing, using and managing research data of the institute, as an integrated task flow.

This case team plays key role in the outstanding researches held in AHRI from methodology to analysis.

Major Area of the Research

With almost more than one decades working in biomedical research,  Clinical Trial, immunology and molecular biology, epidemiological and translational research. Consult student and researchers on statistical methodology, statistical data analysis and output interpretation again we support on the preparation of data management and statistical analysis plan. We have broad experience in all the stages of development of research projects.


Methodological support: Planning of statistical methodology, sample size calculation and study design for protocols of projects that are seeking for grants and funds.

Data management: Guidance on the selection of appropriate and secure data management tools and methods. Configuration and tuning of open source software (OpenClinica, Redcap…) to meet special data analysis or study design needs. Database design and development of web interface applications or extensions to manage data. Questionnaire review and study implementation (sites, events, eCRFs, subject definition, users and roles…) in selected software tool. Data management plan with support, documentation and training for different roles. Data control logs, audit logs, data quality checks and validations, monitoring, data cleaning. Data entry, batch data entry or import. Data export, periodical data reports. Use of the Information Security Global infrastructures (SSL, Firewall,) (hardware and software) for hosting and communications in the secure Research Institute data centre.

 Data analysis: performing statistical analyses of clinical and biomedical databases. Assistance in statistical analyses performed by researchers. Drafting and revising statistical methods, results, and interpretation sections in scientific manuscripts.

Training:  Providing data management and statistics data training based on the use of STATA, R, and SAS software for research and students (MSc, PhD)

Data Management and Biostatistics Members
Data Managers and Biostatistics
Tigist Beyene(MSc,  Statistics and Health Informatics)
Samuel Ayele(MSc, Biostatistics)
Tsegaye Hailu (PhD candidate,  applied statistics)
Hiwot Tilahun (BA, Statistics and Management information system)
Wondu Wagaye  ( BSc , Computer Science)
Fozia Getachew  ( BSc,  Computer Science)
Jemal Mohammod (BSc , Statistics)

Data Entry Clerk Members
Mitin Wondaferew (BA, IT and Management)
Zenebech Assefa (BA, IT and Accounting)
Ruth Solomon (BA, IT)
Hana Kelile (Diploma in IT)
Million Legese (BSc , statistics)
Edom Girma (BSc , statistics)
Evidence Center officer
Elsa Muleta (BSc, Nutrition)

Community engagement

Community engagement in health research is responsible for the connection of researches with actual problems within the community and community’s need and priority at large. It has close connection with every single district of every region in the country to address any health related problem and present it to our extraordinary researchers. This makes our research center worth millions of lives.  This case team supports various community engaged research and expected to ensure the enhancement of community engaged research through involving the community in the research problem identification, Problem prioritization, joint planning, execution, dissemination monitoring and evaluation with partial and full engagement of the community. The case team is guided by operational community engagement guideline in the execution process of its activities.

Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical Epidemiology case team has been recently established in the knowledge management directorate. The case team has very few members that are structuring the frame work of the case teams’ path towards making a significant contribution in the research community of AHRI. Despite the early age of the case team, a number of possible engagements and contributions have already been planned. The importance of the case team is undoubtedly enormous and a lot is expected from the case team.

Health Research communication

The Health Research communication case team is at the center of all the activities that takes place in the Armauer Hansen Research Institute. It is a cross-cutting team dedicated to the communication of all the research outputs of the institute and essentially serves as the health research communication outlet of the Institute to the rest of the world. It has a leading role in terms of translation of researches produced by AHRI to the level of health policy influence by writing policy briefs, developing research digest and supporting the uptake of research evidence by policy decision makers.          

Policy Brief

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Staff profile

Akililu Alemu (PhD)
Acting Director, Knowledge Management Directorate
Email:  akililu.alemu@ahri.gov.et or akililu.alemu@yahoo.com

Akililu Alemu (PhD) is Researcher and he has received Masters in Public Health (MPH) from University of Gondar and PhD in Epidemiologist and Biostatistics from Anhui Medical University, China. His research focuses on HIV, Gut microbiota, and Health System Research, Evidence Based Health Care. He has extensive work experience in the Ethiopian Health System and he has been engaged in various technical working groups. Akililu has authored or co-authored in eight scientific articles.


Senedu Bekele, PhD 
Email: senedu.bekele@ahri.gov.et

Senedu Bekele is a Researcher.She is currently working in work position of Clinical Epidemiology. 

Minyahil Tadesse Boltena (MPH, PhDc)
 Researcher and Specialist in Evidence to Policy Translation for Health Systems in Ethiopia. 
Email: minyahil.tadesse@ahri.gov.et or minyahil.t@gmail.com
ORCID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5081-1480

Minyahil Tadesse Boltena is a PhD Fellow in Evidence-Based Health Care at the Ethiopian Center For Evidence-Based Health Care, A JBI Center of Excellence, Institute of Health, Jimma University. He is also a fellow of the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) in Adelaide, Australia and The Center for Implementation (TCI) in Canada. He has attended training on Evidence-Based Practice from McMaster University in Canada.  He has been principally involved in the evidence synthesis and knowledge translation enabling the policy decision makers to make an evidence-informed and context-specific decision.

He has been leading Knowledge Translation team . He has recived award on the Train of the Trainee (TOT) on Comprehensive Systeatic Review from JBI. 

Minyahil has been working in the Ethiopian health system over the last twelve years including working in partnership with the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization among other international organizations. He has authored and co-authored in 17 research publications in peer-reviewed highly reputable journals with having seven more publication works underway.

Minyahil has received the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for his innovation on the development of mobile health application (STGapp) of the Ethiopian Standard Treatment Guideline through seed abd transition to scale fund from the Grand Challenge Ethiopia. 

Endawoke Amsalu (PhD)
Email: indexmar@outlook.com

Endawoke Amsalu (PhD) is a Researcher and has Masters in Public Health and PhD in Public Health-Epidemiology and Health statistics from the University Capital Medical University, Beijing. He is currently working in the evidence synthesis and translation of research evidence into policy and practice to encourage the policy decision makers reach an evidence-informed and context-specific decision. He has been working in the Ethiopian health system over the last 10 years in various positions. Endawoke has authored 10 research publications in peer-reviewed journals as author and coauthors.

Samuele Ayele
Email: samuele.ayele@ahri.gov.et

Samuele Ayele is a Biostatistician working in Knowledge Management Directorate. He has obtained his MSc degree in Biostatistics from Debre Berhan University collaborated with the University of Hasselt Belgium and his BSc degree in Statistics from Addis Ababa University. Samuel has long years of experience in assisting a student and researcher on study design, developing a database template using different data capturing tools like REDCap and Openclinica, in compute and analyze data, he has also participated in being a trainer on data analysis using R and SPSS. Samuel was one of the 17th AHRI Tore Godal award winners and he would like to pursue his Ph.D. in Biostatistics.

Tsegaye Hailu 
Team Leader,Biostatistics and Data Management case team 
Email: tsegaye.hailu@ahri.gov.et


He is a PhD candidate in Biostatistics. He has been working in delivering research methodology training, analysis of over 35 various projects and he has authored and co-authored in the publication of 20 cutting-edge research articles on highly reputable peer-reviewed journals.

Bizunesh Sintayehu
Team Leader,Research Officer and the community engagement case team
Email: bizu.esku@gmail.com


She has BSc degree in Sociology. She has worked in different positions on community facilitation in community health research over the last 15 years has an experience.

Tigist Beyene
Associate Researcher II
Email: tigist.beyene@ahri.gov.et


Akililu Alemu (PhD)
Acting Director, Knowledge Management Directorate
Email:  akililu.alemu@ahri.gov.et or akililu.alemu@yahoo.com

Tel: +251910793782