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  One Health Unit (OH)

About the Unit

The One-Health Unit is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Unit, that operates independently to the Directorates due to its nature, but collaborates closely with each of AHRI’s Directorate.

We do basic health research, translational research and operational research. The three cornerstones of research are 1) zoonotic diseases with emphasis on BTB, Brucellosis, Rift Valley Fever, Rabies, Q-Fever and Co-Mers, 2) integrated human-animal health surveillance and control strategies, and 3) the role of wildlife and the environment in public health. Improving the health and well-being of pastoral communities and their livestock has been a strong focus of the unit, with direct participation of local communities. 

We collaborate nationally and internationally with other research institutions, universities, animal health institutions (domestic and wildlife), and public health institutions.

Composition of staff

The OH Unit has three researchers based at AHRI and several associated researchers. Ethiopian and international students are involved in our research. Staff and student professional background includes among others veterinarians, specialized wildlife veterinarians, medical doctors, ecologists, mid-wives, pharmacologists, and molecular biologists.


Main research areas:

  • Tuberculosis and Bovine Tuberculosis: epidemiology, control strategies in humans and livestock
  • Zoonoses (Q-fever, RVF, rabies, brucellosis): diagnostics and epidemiology
  • Integrated surveillance human-animal surveillance systems
  • Mother and child health
  • Emerging infectious diseases (co-Mers, covid-19)
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Wildlife diseases/ecology
  • Covid-19

Main current research projects:

  • Ethicobots (UK funded) is a consortium of institutes from the UK, Switzerland and Ethiopia. Research includes BTB prevalence studies among dairy cattle and people, molecular diagnostics, socio-economic studies and mathematical and economic modeling for BTB. The ultimate goal of the project is to assess cost-benefits of optimal control strategies for BTB in dairy farms in Ethiopia.
  • Integrated Brucellosis surveillance in pastoral communities (CDC funded): over the 5-year long project, we are conducting a large-scale integrated animal-human sero-surveillance of brucellosis in Afar and Somali region, two important pastoral regions of Ethiopia. We are also assessing feasible control strategies in a pilot area of Afar to reduce the burden of the disease among pastoral communities.
  • The Jigjiga One-Health Initiative (JOHI) is a 12 year long Swiss Government funded research and development partnership between Jigjiga University, AHRI and Swiss TPH. The project is built on three pillars: 1) capacity building (training of post-graduate students, lab capacity, training at community level, development of a One-Health curriculum at MSc level for the Jigjiga University), 2) operational research in Adadle and Shinile (Somali region) in humans and animals (livestock and wildlife), 3) policy advocacy. We have piloted an integrated animal-human surveillance system in six kebeles in Adadle and we are now planning to expand the system to the whole woreda in close collaboration with the regional health sector bureaus. The surveillance system will also include wildlife and environmental components. In addition, JOHI is assessing the feasibility of an innovative mobile DOTS system tailored to remote mobile pastoral communities.
  • NIIDS (Novel Infectious Diseases diagnosis and surveillance system), is a research partnership between AHRI and Swiss TPH, focusing on migration health (including zoonosis). The project is developing and validating an innovative comprehensive evidence platform to support and improve diagnosis, triage and clinical management of febrile diseases and co-morbidities in migrants/refugees. A combined diagnostic approach with multiple integrated PCR and serology assays is also being developed.

Researchers at OH

Rea Tschopp, DVM, MSc, PhD, Head of the Unit
Email: rea.tschopp@ahri.gov.et
Tel: +251 911 42 70 21

Ashenafi GebreGiorgis (DVM, MSc)
 Email: ashenafigg12@gmail.com

Gizachew Gemechu (DVM)
 Email: gizageme@gmail.com

Fentabil Getnet
Associated researcher



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Postgraduate Students

PhD studies

Yahya Maidane (associated PhD-2020-2023). Integrated animal-human-environment diseases surveillance system in Adadle woreda

Abdifatah Muhumed (associated PhD-2020-2023). Interventional plan to improve the quality of water, WASH and reducing the diarrheal disease in children under the age of five

Regina Oackley (associated PhD-2020-2023). Migration health and zoonoses

Wondemu Ashagre (PhD- 2020-2023). Strain typing of M. tuberculosis among Somali pastoralists

Fentabil Getnet. Completed 2020. Delay in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis and its association with infectiousness of adult patients in selected hospitals of Somali Regional State, Ethiopia

Mohammed Ibrahim. Completed 2020. Public health and economic importance of camel diseases with the emphasis on zoonoses including brucellosis, RVF and Q-fever in Ethiopia Somali region.

Masters studies

Rahma Abditon. Completed 2020. Strategies of improving maternal and Newborn Health through integrated Human and animal surveillance in Adadle District, Somali region, Ethiopia.

Yahia Maidane. Completed 2020. Integrated Syndromic human and animal surveillance in Adadle District of Ethiopian Somali Region.

Abdifatah Muhumed. Completed 2020. Water quality and the prevalence of diarrhea among children in Adadle district, Eastern Ethiopia

Rea Tschopp (DVM, MSc, PhD) 
Head,One Health Unit
Email: rea.tschopp@ahri.gov.et 
Tel: +251 911 42 70 21