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AHRI/ALERT Ethics Review Committee (AAERC)

The AAERC was established in 1986, although there was no formal standard operating procedure (SOP) then. With calls for clinical trial initiatives, the Institute needed to re-establish a stronger and formalized ethics review committee, which was then formed as AHRI/ALERT Ethics Review Committee (AAERC) in 2004.The Committee has received recognition from the Strategic Initiative Developing Capacity in Ethics Review (SIDCER) in 2009 with strong assistance from the WHO/TDR and the Pan-Africa Bioethics Initiatives (PABIN).Since then the Committee is functioning optimally with established ethical standards of ICH-GCP as well as the national guideline to meet the needs of clinical trial investigators and post-graduate students and different investigators. The Committee works with researchers to promote high quality research and also has mechanisms for expedited review. The Committee regularly meets monthly and may also meet when needed to speed up review processes.

The Committee has its terms of reference as well as SOP to optimally run its activities in the Institute. AHRI hosts the secretariat of the Committee, which is composed of the chairperson and secretaries. Currently the Committee is composed of 12 active members with multidisciplinary expertise, good gender and age balance.

Further check list and application forms can be downloaded from here

Application Form for Initital Review (Revised)

AAERC Review Check List (Revised)

Amendment submission Form