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Data Management & Biostatistics

Data Management & Biostatistics


Data management and biostatistics case team has been engaged on the process of creating, sharing, using and managing research data of the institute, as an integrated task flow.

This case team plays key role in the outstanding researches held in AHRI from methodology to analysis. With our highly experienced and trained biostatisticians, inaccuracy of data analysis and interpretation is never tolerated. The proposed methodology of data gathering is thoroughly evaluated and modified in ways that clear and reliable output is to be generated.

Major Area of the Research

* Clinical Trial, immunology and molecular biology, epidemiological and translational research

* Consult student and researchers on statistical methodology, statistical data analysis and output interpretation again we support on the preparation of statistical analysis plan.

Current Projects/Studies/Activities

  1. LED –Fluorescent based microscope for the diagnosis of TB 2. Stream project 3. Task Sharing for the Care of Severe mental disorders in a low-income country: a randomized, controlled non-inferiority trial (TaSCS) 4. Leishmaniasis 5. Preparation for Meningitis study in Haramaya 6. FluVac study
  • Data analysis on surveillance of bacterial meningitis in Ethiopia and examining factors affecting meningococcal disease severity. • Data analysis on Characterization and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of blood culture isolates from septicemic patterns(CASP) • Data cleaning Podoconisos


* Very good and recognizable data management unit Well established general and clinical trials SOPs Many students’ projects managed with excellent results at defense (more than 30 M.Sc. and 10 PhDs) 4FDC Clinical Trial CRF and database managed and completed Ethiopian Meningitis Trivalent Clinical Trial CRF and database managed and completed Cholera Study CRF and database managed and completed Bioequivalence study(ies) database(s) managed and completed.

* By supporting student and researchers on statistical methodology and statistical data analysis we finalize Risk factors of CMV and HEV, skin and soft tissue infection and serio epidemiology survey of viral STD’s in rural area projects and others