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About KMD Achievements  Future Direction Major Areas of Work

Future Directions

  • Conducting translation research
  • Conducting epidemiological studies (evaluating healthcare practices and assessing disease burdens)
  • Synthesizing evidence based information (Policy/issue briefs/research digests…etc)
  • Enhancing medical research capacity in universities and related research institutes

Knowledge Management Directorate (KMD) committed to foster innovation by encouraging the culture of evidence generation and synthesis, proper documentation and archive and codification of the data and information. The directorate is working to bridge know- do gap and influence the culture of knowledge translation to enhance evidence based practices of health services and health care system of the country and beyond. The directorate works further to enhance the uptake of research evidence through forums for research dissemination, preparing policy briefs, research digests, scientific and technical institutional reports. The directorate envisioned to enhance the institutional ability to update information easily and support, guide, consult and train researchers in overall usage of current ICT technologies.