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Knowlede Management Directorate

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Major areas of Work

  • Oversee research on various diseases or disease outbreaks
  • Design, develop, and participate in studies while overseeing them as well
  • Work with public health departments to control disease related issues
  • Provide scientific advice and training on research methods, data management,
  • analysis, and evidence translation to post graduate student and collaborating universities or institutions
  •  Compile research data for review
  • Evaluate the results of medications and/or health care practices to better understand their safety or effectiveness
  • Evaluate effects, benefits, risks and determinants of clinical decisions such as: screening, diagnosis or treatment decisions
  • Engage to improve scientific knowledge and evidence uptake for decision making and technology utilization
  • Develop research digest and policy briefs to enhance dissemination of scientific data and use of evidence informed decision making
  • Develop/update standard operating procedures, guidelines, reports and other relevant documents; and ensure these documents are effectively used