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Data Management


Since 2003 Data Management Centre has been established formally and operating according to internationally acceptable practice for both generalized and clinical trials data management procedures. The data management team have organized and worked tirelessly to establish a good system and implemented procedures for questionnaire or CRF and database design, double data entry with good verification and validation, data analysis, good back-up, filing and archiving system all of which have greatly enhanced the security and confidentiality of the unit’s and collaborator’s data.


Mission and GOAL

The mission of the Data Management Case Team is to contribute quality data management and statistical analysis for researchers and students. The Goal is to provide close to 100% satisfaction for health researchers / students by providing quality data and report at the end of each Ethiopian year to help policy makers. Prepare centralized database to maximize security and quality data; efficient data capture, filing and archiving. Also prepare and update DM SOPs Identify and build capacity for DM and other staff who need training

Major Area of the Research

Clinical Trial, immunology and molecular biology, epidemiological and translational research

Current Projects/Studies/Activities

1. LED –Fluorescent based microscope for the diagnosis of TB
2. Stream project
3. Task Sharing for the Care of Severe mental disorders in a low-income country: a randomized, controlled non-inferiority trial (TaSCS)
4. Leishmaniasis
5. Preparation for Meningitis study in Haramaya
6. FluVac study


Very good and recognizable data management unit
Well established general and clinical trials SOPs
Many students’ projects managed with excellent results at defense (more than 30 M.Sc. and 10 PhDs)
4FDC Clinical Trial CRF and database managed and completed
Ethiopian Meningitis Trivalent Clinical Trial CRF and database managed and completed
Cholera Study CRF and database managed and completed
Bioequivalence study(ies) database(s) managed and completed