Ethiopia-Norway Collaboration Conference Highlights Priority Areas in Health Sector

The 6th Annual conference on Ethiopia-Norway collaboration in health and higher education was held on October 12,203 under the theme “Mutual, action-oriented, and long-term partnerships for sustainable collaboration and development.”

Dr. Liya Tadesse, Minister of Health of FDRE, highlighted the importance of the conference as it focuses on priority areas within the health sector. It is also an opportunity that stakeholders, researchers and partner organizations discussed on dealing with challenges in the health sector, she added.

The minster acknowledged the support provided by the government of Norway to the health sector in Ethiopia.

Stian Christensen, Ambassador of Norway to Ethiopia, emphasized the long-standing partnership between Norway and the Ethiopian government. The two countries have been actively collaborating for over 50 years. The ambassador said the conference aimed to strengthen and sustain this collaboration between Ethiopia and Norway.

During the conference research papers on various topics, including emergency medical service provision, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and the enhancement of community health capacity, were presented and discussed.


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