AHRI celebrated 2016 world TB day under the themes of ‘reach the missed’ & ‘Enough Death Due to TB: Access All’

The Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) situated in ALERT Center Addis Ababa,Ethiopia on Saturday, March19, 2016 called upon the societal associations like Idir and high school outstanding students to be watchful and contribute in halting the possible transmission of a bacterial disease, Tuberculosis (TB) especially, the Drug Resistant TB (DR-TB).

The Institute commemorated the Worlds’ TB Day for 15th times with the themes the years, this year themes ‘Reach the missed’ and ‘Enough Death Due to TB: Access All’.

World TB Day at AHRI is often commemorated with open view of the laboratory and research facilities mostly for high school students to inspire the coming generation for health science research. As in the past years, this year also students from different high schools participated, in addition to few participants from some Idirs. On the occasion, Dr. Abebe Habte, biomedical science specialist and organizer of the event at AHRI, led a panel discussion on the premises of the Institute to outreach the local communities and raise awareness on the disease and the fight against TB transmission.

On his speech, Dr. Abebe further emphasized the need for the public to seek early diagnosis and further care at nearby health facilities when possible TB-like symptoms such as persistent coughing with/without blood, constant fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, fever and night sweats.

Dr. Abebe further added that the Center conducts research, provides treatment and care for TB/MDR-TB patients and training to control TB, Leprosy and HIV and AIDS.

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