Clinical Trail Design and Data Analysis Using SAS

With increasing emphasis towards an effective and safe patient care, there is a growing need for an evidence-based clinical practice. Clinical trials are the cornerstones for an evidence-based patient care practices. Without clinical trials, it will not be possible to determine the effectiveness or safety of new prevention, detection, treatment or management interventions developed in laboratories or by using animal models.

The Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) recognizes the important role that clinical trials can play for the betterment of the health of a society. It also acknowledges that the full benefits of clinical trials will only be gained as long as it follows the proper design, data management and analysis.

AHRI provided a course on Clinical Trail Design and Data Analysis Using SAS which was held from Nov. 03 to 11, 2016 at its conference hall. A total of 13 AHRI research team members from clinical trial team, data management and biostatistics team, research laboratory staffs and postgraduate students have participated and successfully completed the training.

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