AHRI and Haramaya University (HU) Partnership celebrated its 5th year anniversary

The AHRI-HU joint PhD program biannual meeting and 5 years of successful partnership was held on the 25th December 2020 at Haramaya University, College of Health and Medical Sciences campus.

Professor Mengistu Urge (Vice president for Academic Affairs, HU), Dr. Alemseged Abdissa (Deputy Director for Research and Innovation, AHRI) and Dr. Yadeta Dessie (Chief Executive Director, College of Health and Medical Sciences (CHMS)), HU Laboratory director, Graduate study directorate, honorary staff from AHRI, CHMS staff and Medical microbiology PhD students had attended the one-day workshop.

Haramaya University (HU) and Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) have established partnership in 2015/2016 that builds on each other’s strength to create a joint postgraduate PhD training program in Medical Microbiology. Through this program, a total of seven PhD students have been registered and one completed the study in November 2020, while the others are on progress.

On this biannual meeting, discussion was held on the successes, challenges and way forward of the partnership. Professor Mengistu Urge, Vice president for Academic Affairs of Haramaya University has acknowledged HU and AHRI management for the partnership and expressed his office’s commitment to further strengthen the partnership in all aspects. Dr. Alemseged Abdissa, Deputy Director for Research and Innovation of AHRI, has appreciated the commitment from the HU leadership. He also emphasized on the necessity for a close follow up and support as the training is resource intensive. The two institutions have agreed to further strengthen the partnership ties and transform it from dependence to interdependence by developing partnership strategic document.

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