AHRI Revealed That Spread Of Anopheles Stephensi In Ethiopia, Horn Of Africa Raises Concern

The spread of the malaria vector Anopheles stephensi in Ethiopia and other countries in the Horn of Africa has raised concerns about its potential impact on malaria transmission.

Armauer Hansen Research Institute revealed today that Anopheles stephensi has spread in 13 towns and cities of Ethiopia.

The study conducted by the institute has detected the fast spreading malaria vector in Semera, Gewane, Awash, Erer, Jigjiga, Kebri Dahar, Gode, Degahabor, Dire Dawa, Metehara, Zway, Meki and Mojo.

Armauer Hansen Research Institute Director-General, Abebe Bayeh suggested that Ministry of Health coordinates partners, create awareness, monitor exact distribution, undertake control mechanisms and exchange information with the relevant entities.

Institute Malaria-Neglected Tropical Diseases Research Team Coordinator, Endalamaw Gadisa said prevention and control mechanisms should be done by relevant health institutions for the Anopheles stephensi that can transmit Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax, especially in urban areas.

He underscored the need for sustainable surveillance and control activities, integrated information exchange system both at domestic and regional levels especially with neighboring countries and international institutions to stop the spread.

Preliminary genetic analysis showed that the vector found in Ethiopia originated from South Asia.

Entomological investigation conducted by Jigjiga University and University of North Carolina  found Anopheles stephensi for the first time in Ethiopia in Kebri Dahar of Somali region in 2016. (Source ENA ,February 4/2021)

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