AHRI Cordially Orients 10 Newly Recruited MDs

In a bid to lay a strong foundation for new employees, AHRI, on the 14th of May, 2021 oriented 6 female and 4 male newly recruited MDs.

The recruited staff who will go on to work under the different directorates, were warmly welcomed by both the Director General and the deputies. Furthermore, following the self-introduction session, the directorate heads introduced the recruits to the following directorates: Non communicable Diseases Directorate, Bacterial and Viral Diseases Directorate, Laboratory Management Directorate, Knowledge Management Directorate, Clinical Trial Directorate, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Directorate, Mycobacterial Diseases Directorate and the Malaria and NTD Directorate.


During the orientation, the Medical Doctors were acquainted with not only the different directorates but also with the core values and vision of the institute. Moreover, the orientation was used as a platform to initiate a smooth transition and to lay a clear path for a successful integration for recruits to their respective job roles.

AHRI always attributes its success to its reputable staff. It is to this end, that the institute taps to the knowledge and capability of its staff members in order to produce world class researches and advancements in the biomedical arena.

Whilst AHRI forges forward to become the leading medical research and training institute in
Africa by 2025, it looks forward to continue integrating top-notch talent to its line of staff in order to improve the medical care (health and wellbeing) of the public.

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