Two Books Officially Inaugurated Depicting AHRI’s 50 Year Journey And The Journey Of The African Science Giant: Abraham Aseffa

Two books that depict a rich 50-year history of AHRI and a tribute celebrating the 20-year contribution of Dr. Abraham Aseffa to AHRI, Ethiopia, and Africa with regards to research were officially inaugurated on the 1st of July, 2021 at Magnolia Hotel in the presence of H.E Dr. Lia Tadesse (Minister of Health), H.E Dr. Dereje Duguma (State Minister of Health), H.E Prof. Afework Kassu (State Minister of Science and Higher Education), AHRI Directors, general AHRI staff /students/ and the media.

Mesele Terecha (Ph.D.) speaking at the inauguration


The first book, written by Mesele Terecha Ph.D. titled ‘THE ARMAUER HANSEN RESEARCH INSTITUTE: A BIOMEDICAL AND CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE IN ETHIOPIA, 1969-2019’ provides a historical outlook of AHRI and documents the scientific and administrative history of the institute throughout the 50 year period of its existence.



Dr. Alemseged Abdissa speaking about the tribute book during the inauguration

The second book, titled, ‘CELEBRATING AN AFRICAN SCIENCE GIANT: ABRAHAM ASEFFA’ is a book that pays tribute to the tenure of Dr. Abraham Aseffa who served AHRI for close to 20 years. Dr. Abraham Aseffa is an icon to the institute as he has steered the institute through tough times of great change from the early days of operating as an NGO, as part of the ALERT center, and now in its current status as a government health agency. His list of achievements and testimonials from colleagues, friends, and AHRI alums are also depicted in the book.

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