Celebrating One Of Our Own As We Look Forward To A Brighter Ethiopian New Year

As a research institute that has an eclectic staff, we would like to take a moment to celebrate one of our own, researcher and celebrated A-list football referee, Bamlak Tessema who successfully served as a referee in the recently concluded Summer Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Considered as one of the best things to happen in this contemporary era of Ethiopian Football, Bamlak made a historical representation of our nation in Tokyo 2020, as a referee. Similarly, Bamlak off the pitch has been instrumental to the institute with regards to bettering public health as he has continued to serve valiantly as an assistant researcher over the years.

It is with this recognition of Bamlak, that we would like also to extend our appreciation to all our staff and partners for a successful 2013 Ethiopian year. As we look forward to 2014 E.C, AHRI will firmly continue with its mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the public by generating and delivering scientific evidence. Moreover, AHRI looks forward to having engagements with the community through all its research activities so as to address the health issues at hand.


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