Incorporating Operational Research Components In Global Fund Applications And Other Grants In Ethiopia

With Operations Research (OR) gaining importance in public health interventions and programmes, AHRI in conjunction with stakeholders such as Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI), Ministry of Health, WHO and TDR, held a one-day workshop on October 1,2021 at Elilly International Hotel to validate and have consultations on incorporation of an Operational Research component in Global Fund applications and other grants in Ethiopia.

On the day, experiences of Operational research were drawn from TB research through the TB Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) representative presentations. Moreover, in order to better validate the report prepared by the consultant, TDR Structured Operational Research and Training IniTiative (SORT IT) alumni shared insights on building operational research capacity for the improvement of public health in lower-middle-income countries (LMICs).

Similarly, with the aim of creating awareness on the value and scope of OR conducted within the disease control programs in Ethiopia, discussions, and suggestions were put forth for having a harmonized approach to OR as a country.

With Global Fund leading the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria, discussions were also had on the best path to follow in order to embed the SORT IT model within the GF grant applications as well as incorporation of the same in the next national health strategic plans (NSPs).

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