The Ethiopian Cholera Control And Prevention (ECCP) Project Team Conducts A Project Execution Workshop In Shashamene

Cognizant of the significant public health burden presented by cholera in hotspots such as Shashamene town, the Ethiopian Cholera Control and Prevention (ECCP) project team held a project execution workshop with the community (Local stakeholders) of Shashamene on the 25th of November 2021.

The launch brought together about 90 participants including: AHRI, IVI staff, EPHI staff, MoH staff, Oromia Health Bureau, West Arsi Zone Health Bureau, Shashamene Town Health Bureau, Shashamene Woreda Health Bureau, Shashamene town and woreda HCF representatives as well as cluster and kebele representatives, community leaders and media.

During the launch, the community of Shashamene were familiarized with the various components of the ECCP project including the project goal and objectives. Furthermore, there was an interactive question and answer session for a comprehensive discussion on the project.


The ECCP project is being conducted by the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) in collaboration with AHRI and the Ministry of Health (MOH) funded by the Korea Support Committee (KSC) for IVI and LG Electronics and is in alignment with the country’s efforts to develop and implement the national cholera control and prevention plan (NCP).

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