Equipping Researchers With Best International Evidence-Based Practice Through Comprehensive Systematic Review

“Commitment to continuous learning” and “scientific excellence” being among the core values reflected at AHRI, the Research Training and Knowledge Management Directorates in partnership with Ethiopian Evidence Based Health Care Centre (EEBHCC): A JBI Centre of Excellence based at Jimma University, organized an in-depth training program on Comprehensive Systematic Review.

The five-day program which took place at Magnolia Hotel in Addis Ababa from 22nd -26th November 2021 equipped AHRI’s researchers with the knowledge on how to conduct robust systematic reviews of different evidence types to provide the strongest possible evidence to inform decision making and clinical guidelines in healthcare.

During the training program, both theory and hands-on experience were incorporated to empower researchers to learn how to: develop a focused question, search for relevant literature, appraise and synthesize evidence arising from research.

A snippet of the 3 modules during the training program included:

Module 1: Introduction to Evidence-based Healthcare and the Systematic Review of Evidence (day 1)

Module 2: Systematic Review of Quantitative Evidence (days 2 & 3)

Module 3: Systematic Review of Evidence Generated by Qualitative Research, Narrative and Text (days 4 & 5)

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