AHRI In Collaboration With EFDA Delivers A Special Training Package On Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Monitoring Of Vaccine Trials

Designed to provide the required knowledge, skill, and attitude necessary to plan, conduct and report on clinical study monitoring, the Armauer Hansen Research Institute in partnership with the Ethiopian Food and Drugs Authority has successfully delivered two similar sets of 5-day training in Adama.
The two sets of training delivered on January (24-28) and February (7-11), 2022 were conducted to prepare potential clinical research monitors (or clinical research associates) who will be involved in monitoring clinical studies in compliance with GCP and applicable international and local regulatory requirements.

(First round training)

During the course, an array of experts in the clinical trial monitoring space exposed the participants to core competencies such as:
•Product development process and clinical research.
• Principles of GCP and research ethics.
• Clinical research designs used in clinical trial protocols.
•Clinical trial monitoring procedures.
•Conducting clinical monitoring and report generation of the same.

(Second round training)

AHRI extends its gratitude to the Clinical Trial Directorate and experts namely: Dr. Mekonnen Teferi, Dr. Kassa Haile and Dr.Adamu Bayissa for their efforts exerted in the development of the training package for GCP monitoring.

Furthermore, AHRI would also like to acknowledge the EFDA for initiating and funding the development of the course.

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