AHRI, Hawassa University And Sidama Regional Health Bureau Bolster Partnerships By Inking MOU

On the 23rd of March 2022, AHRI and Hawassa University (HU) penned MOU agreements that would see both institutions creating collaborations for joint research, sharing resources (teaching and research facilities, human resources, as required), and capacity building in the areas of research and teaching.

Overall, the MOU is expected to expand opportunities between the two institutions and in particular, it is intended to:

  • Establish a partnership for resource sharing (teaching, research and human resources, as required) and capacity building training in areas of microbiology, biotechnology, genomics and bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical, natural product chemistry and health-related training and research between the two institutions.
  • Strengthen the capacity of research and MSc/Ph.D. training in HU through: Staff and students exchange programs, joint research, sharing resources (for teaching, research and human resources, as required), and capacity building in areas of research and teaching.

“This is a monumental day for our university since we are creating partnerships that will enhance the students’ and staffs’ capacity in health-related training and research. Moreover, since AHRI is widely known for its biomedical research which spans over 50 years, it will give our MSc and Ph.D. students hands-on experience in their areas of research pursuits. And to this end, we look forward to sharing our resources as well as curving joint research with AHRI in the near future,” remarked, Dr. Ayano Berasso , Hawassa University president, during the signage of the MOU which took place at the university head office premises.

“It is an honor for AHRI to expand its clinical research networks as well as play a crucial role in the strengthening of academia in the higher education system of the country. For us, we look forward to participating in teaching courses to MSc/Ph.D. students as well as provide support in their thesis projects, in the projects initiated by AHRI, depending

on resource availability. AHRI shall also avail laboratory facilities for MSc/Ph.D. students and staff of the university as space allows. In addition, our institute looks forward to initiating collaborative research for national and international research grants,” stated, Prof. Afework Kassu, AHRI Director general, during the MOU inking ceremony.

Similarly, on the same day, AHRI penned agreements with the Sidama Regional Health Bureau.

“Working together with a research institute that has a wide experience  in the health sector will play a big role in solving health problems in Sidama and the surrounding regions,” opined Dr.Selamawit Mengesha, head of the Sidama Regional Health Bureau.



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