Laboratory Safety And Bio Risk Management Training

A five-day (15 CEU) course on laboratory safety and bio-risk management has successfully been delivered from the 28th of March to April 1st at the ALERT Training center.

The masterclass course was designed in such a way to equip researchers, laboratory workers, and postgraduate students by creating a learning opportunity to enable participants to know, assess, mitigate and reduce biological, physical, and chemical risks and incidents in the laboratory and work areas.

Participants were exposed to core competencies such as;

  • Biorisk assessment, characterization, evaluation, and mitigation strategy
  • Biorisk and biosafety levels
  • Good laboratory work practice
  • Incident response and management
  • Biological waste management
  • Hazard and risk communication
  • Application of first aid measures during an accident

Moreover, in order to have an engaging and insightful training: Lecture presentations, case scenarios, individual and group exercises, roleplay models, practical sessions, individual reflections and feedback were had to effectively administer the course.

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