AHRI Conducts Media Forum To Enhance Research Communication

Cognizant of the fact on how media plays an enormously influential role in public responses to health issues, AHRI held a media forum with the Ethiopian mass media (print, television, radio and internet), at Adama Science and Technology University, on April 1-2; in order to enhance its unparalleled research communication reach to the public.

During the two-day forum, interactive media sessions were had with journalists and AHRI researchers, where both sides shared their experiences on the podium. Moreover, media professionals sensitized the need to communicate scientific findings via various media outlets not only to increase public awareness but also to attract collaborators and to strengthen cooperation.

On Saturday (April 2), the media houses paid a site visit to the ‘Malaria and NTDs Research & Training Center’ situated in Adama, where they were exposed to the research conducted at the center. During the visit, research that shapes the sphere of ‘evidence to policy’, such as that of Malaria, HIV, TB, celiac diseases, and environmental pollution were expounded to the media professionals.

On related news,  AHRI has signed agreements with media outlets, FANA Broadcasting Corporation and Walta TV- ‘Keshelf lay program’.  This opportunity will enable  AHRI researchers to share with the public vital research findings on pertinent health related issues, in addition to documentaries of the works of the Institute.

Linked below, find the newly released insightful interview of Dr. Andargachew Mulu, on Covid-19 related research.





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