Community Engagement Meeting On Podoconiosis In Bahir Dar

In a bid to create awareness about podoconiosis within the affected communities of Ethiopia, the AHRI podo research team in partnership with NIHR Global Health Research Unit on NTDs at BSMS carried out a community engagement meeting with government officials (district officers, police), health professionals (health officers, nurses and health extension workers), religious leaders and podoconiosis patients on Monday, May 16th at Bahir Dar, Amhara region.

Cognizant of the poor understanding of the causes and prevention of podoconiosis which adds up to the physical burden imposed by the disease, the research teams during the meeting used the platform to deliver a tailored health education where all concerned parties had two-way discussions.

During the meeting, the research team presented the genesis and root cause of the disease as well as the treatment and prevention options. In addition to the presentations, group discussions were had, where the myths and misconceptions of the disease were debunked.

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