20th Tore Godal Prize Awards

On colorful Thursday evening,  June 9, at the residence of the Royal Norwegian embassy, three top researchers received the illustrious Tore Godal Award for their cutting edge research.

From the trio that received the award: Betelhem Sirak Tatek, received this award for her thesis entitled “Antiprotozoal Activity of Extracts and a Major Compound from the Leaves of Ranunculus multifidus Forrsk.”

In Ethiopia fresh leaves of Ranunculus multifidus Forsk are traditionally used for the treatment of various ailments including leishmaniasis and eradication of intestinal worms. Thus Betelhem’s research findings served as an additional reference in natural product research and contributes to future researches on drug discovery based on traditional medicine.

The second awardee, Hundessa Daba Nemomssa, received the award for his thesis entitled, “Early detection and treatment device for diabetic foot neuropathy.”

This research entailed device developments for early detection and treatment of diabetic foot neuropathy, with an accuracy of 99 percent. Thus devices from this study could be used at home by diabetic patients as well as in hospitals to test for and treat diabetic foot neuropathy at an early stage at lower costs.

Elbelet Taye Zewde, similarly received this award for her thesis entitled, “Classification of breast cancer types, sub‐types and grade from histopathological images using deep learning technique.”

Contrary to the current pathological assessment which uses visual inspection microscopic imaging for detection which is time consuming, tedious and subjective, and which may lead to misdiagnosis; this paper used a multi-class classification system for breast cancer type, sub-type and grade proposed based on deep learning technique, with data obtained from histopathological images acquired from Jimma University Medical Center (JUMC) and online data sets.

The Tore Godal Award which is given in the name of the world-renowned Norwegian researcher and global health leader Dr. Tole Godal, each year recognizes outstanding young researchers for their stellar work in research.

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