AHRI Eyes To Strengthen South-South Collaboration

On July 15, 2022 AHRI delegates led by Dr. Alemseged Abdissa (DDG-Research and Innovation), Dr. Mekonnen Teferi (Clinical Trial-Director), and Mr. Anteneh Habte( Laboratory – Director) visited the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and   the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) where they met with the research Institute heads and department leaders so as to forge a platform of partnership to bolster South-South collaboration.

Cognizant of the borderless nature of health research and developments and with challenges commonly shared by most countries in the South, AHRI met with both research institutes so as to create an efficient platform where knowledge and resources can be shared to tackle the challenges faced within the region.

KEMRI, one of the oldest medical research institutes in Africa, boasting a wide range of experiences, and with similarity in AHRI’s research portfolio saw officials and research directors from both Institutes affirming their commitment to meaningful collaborations which is now set to commence when both teams sign an MOU.

With AHRI taking the initiative and first step, the joint brief meeting encompassed potential areas of common interest such as product development and testing for malaria diagnosis.

At the ILRI Nairobi Center, the team also met with the Institute’s head and lead researchers and visited the laboratory complex. Following an interactive discussion by both teams, the identified potential areas of collaboration were; capacity on genomics, training and projects in one health.

ILRI being the only center dedicated entirely for animal agriculture research for the developing world, being co-hosted by Kenya and Ethiopia in addition to the regional and country offices in 14 locations in Africa and South and South-East Asia, presents AHRI with a platform where successful partnership and top quality research can be conducted, to which both parties have agreed to cement partnerships.


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