AHRI Successfully Delivers Training On Research Ethics

Courtesy of Research Ethics experts, the Armauer Hansen Research Institute successfully delivers a four day training package for Research Ethics, from September 19 to 22, at the ALERT Training Center.

The four-day training was designed to enable trainees to apply ethical principles in the conduct and evaluation of research involving human participants and provided a learning opportunity on the basic principles of bioethics, national and international guidelines, and ethical dilemmas.

The master class training was conducted through; Interactive lectures and discussions, role-play, case study, guided practice, independent study /reading and reflective activities.

The trainees were exposed to core competencies such as:

  • Describing of Research Ethics and its historical development
  • Describing about research acts that constitute as scientific misconducts
  • Applying principles of Research Ethics
  • Analyzing the risk and benefits in research ethics
  • Taking valid informed consent
  • Explaining research in vulnerable groups
  • Describing the role of different stakeholders in research

AHRI would like to extend its gratitude to the AHRI/ALERT Ethics Review Committee current and past members listed below for their unreserved effort exerted in the development and revision of training package for Research Ethics.

  • Meseret Gebre (MD, Pediatrician)
  • Kassa Haile (MD, MPH)
  • Hailemichael Getachew (PhD Candidate In Public Health)
  • Martha Zewdie (PhD, TB Immunologist)
  • Yemisrach Zewdie (MA in Sociology)
  • Liya Wassie (PhD, Immunology)
  • Yimtubezinash Woldeamanuel (MD, M.Sc. PhD,  Addis Ababa University)
  • Geremew Tarekegne
Dr. LIya Wassie delivering a lecture
Dr. Meseret Gebre demonstrating a case study

AHRI has been working to develop researchers and students competencies in different areas of biomedical research. Following the direction from the Ministry of Health to standardize and institutionalize in-service training, AHRI is working to standardize short term training course which has been delivered at AHRI in different formats, with the planning and coordination from the Research Training Directorate.

Research Ethics Trainees

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