The PRESAR Network Meets In Addis Ababa To Strengthen ABR Research Across The Region

The PRESAR (the establishment of One Health Platform to Reduce the Emergence and Spread of Antibiotic Resistance in the Nile Valley) network team have gathered in Addis Ababa from November 7-9,  to evaluate the status, and data presentation of the scoping review on the one-health aspect of antibiotic resistance (ABR) and policy documents on ABR.

The network which brings together uniquely diverse researchers (both in location and expertise) from Ethiopia (including AHRI senior researchers), Sudan, Egypt, UK, Canada, Germany and Spain; aims to build capacity, address multiple aspects ABR transmission, and help to create locally-relevant policies that will eventually reduce the stress disease burden. The Network also aims to deliver impact regionally in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt (Nile Valley) and also globally by encouraging engagement, communication and dissemination of findings to the global  research community.

For more information on the PRESAR Network and any other updates, Check on the link below.



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