Review To The Treatment of COVID-19: WHO Solidarity Trials & Beyond

Senior researchers from AHRI, Clinicians from Yeka Kotebe General Hospital and pertinent health sector professionals, gathered from November 21-22 at Bishoftu to review the treatment of COVID 19: that resulted from the WHO Solidarity trial.

The Solidarity Trial which is an unprecedented, international collaboration to identifying life-saving treatments for COVID-19 was reviewed through a series of three sessions. Engaging presentations were had on: Progress of clinical trial in response to the pandemic, review of developments thereof,  and  ways forward from the lessons learnt at the back of the Solidarity Trial.

This large, global randomized control trial was designed to provide robust results on whether a drug can save lives for those hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19. Ethiopia’s participation in the trial has provided a learning curve and has fueled the need to strengthen the clinical trial capacity in the country.

Curious to know more about the findings that resulted from this trial? Click the link below for in-depth insights of the  published article on THE LANCET.

Global platform trials like Solidarity not only help Ethiopian health professionals to prepare for future pandemics but also open a new global synergetic approach to the robust evaluation of several therapeutics.

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