Sharpening Researchers Grant Development And Management Skills

AHRI in partnership with the Ministry of Health’s CPD team has successfully conducted a weeklong training on ‘Grant Development and Management’ to sharpen the skills of our researchers as well as to bolster their grant hunting expertise.

The training which kicked off at the Institute’s premise from December 5-9, 2022 was designed to prepare participants to develop and manage grants effectively for the sustainability of organizational programs.

The training which contained fundamental elements of designing grant projects, soliciting grants, proposal writing and grants management was  conducted through; interactive presentations, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, case studies, individual and group exercises, experience sharing and grant assignment presentations.

The Institute is indebted to trainers, Dr. Kassa Haile (AHRI), Dr. Geremew Tesfaye (Ministry of Health) and Selahadin Seid (Ministry of Health) for enhancing the expertise of our researchers as well as the Research and Training Directorate and the Knowledge Management Directorate for facilitating the training.



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