Ethiopia-Emory TB Research Training Program Annual In Country Conference

Held from January 25-27, in Bishoftu, the Ethiopia-Emory TB Research Training Program (EETB-RTP) annual conference brought together current and former Ethiopian Fogarty trainees, mentors, program faculty, leadership, and the EETB-RTP Training Advisory Committee; for an update on the program activities.

H.E Dr. Dereje Deguma

H.E Dr. Dereje Deguma, State Minister of Health, during his keynote address underscored that the Health Ministry is working on a strategy to prevent and control TB. He highlighted that strengthening research and using the findings to prevent the disease was integral to eliminate and eventually eradicate the disease. Despite the various challenges faced, Dr. Dereje applauded the concerted efforts done by multiple partners, higher education and research institutions in alleviating the TB burden in the country. He further exemplified the international partnership between Emory and Ethiopia.


Prof. Afework Kassu

Prof. Afework Kassu, AHRI-Director General, in his presentation themed ‘The New AHRI: New Opportunities for Tuberculosis Research and Development’ elaborated that as AHRI continues to shoulder new mandates and expand its role in health research and research training, the Institute will maintain and build up on its collaboration interests for the betterment of the health of the public. With regards to TB research, Prof. Afework applauded the efforts achieved over the years by the EETB-RTP and signaled that AHRI will work with different stakeholders to solve the various challenges surrounding TB.





The two and a half day conference included thematic and state-of-the-art presentations, mentor training, trainee presentations, and networking.

About the program

The Ethiopia-Emory TB research training program is funded by a Global Infectious Diseases grant from the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) Fogarty International Center. EETB-RTP application benefits from a successful partnership between Emory University in Atlanta, USA, and three Ethiopian institutions in Addis Ababa. These include an internationally recognized research institute focused on TB investigation (Armauer Hansen Research Institute), a degree-granting university (Addis Ababa University), and the national public health institution (Ethiopian Public Health Institute).

EETB-RTP program believes that a major barrier to improved research, treatment, and control of TB in Ethiopia is the scarcity of Ethiopian-recognized research which can then be translated to improve public health practice in Ethiopia. Therefore, in order to tackle these challenges, the EETB-RTP program proposes and looks for an innovative TB research training program for Ethiopian investigators which will provide them and their institution with the skills, expertise, and additional capacity necessary to carry out internationally relevant TB-related research.

The program has the aim of expanding the number of well-trained and productive Ethiopian TB investigators who can contribute to developing and implementing the new tools necessary for TB control in Ethiopia and globally.

Trainee Supports provided by the NIH-funded EETB-RTP program Includes: A stipend of $500 per month; $7000 for research and supply expenses; tuition support for additional course work and additional research training opportunities; a laptop computer and an wireless internet access device & an air time fee that are necessary for the didactic and mentored research training. There is an opportunity for the trainees to take selected Emory Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR) program distance learning courses and in-country workshops and short courses..

Following completion of the formal component of the EETB-RTP, the trainees may have the opportunity to apply for an EETB-RTP advanced in-country research training award of $12,000, depending upon the availability of funds.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE EETB-RTP since 2013 include: Peer-reviewed TB publications; externally funded grants with trainees as PI; Former trainees in leadership positions that serve as mentors for new Fogarty trainees; Strong and supportive Comprehensive Mentorship Program and Pilot Mentorship Training Program; and increased TB-related research capacity and collaboration among Ethiopian partner institutions.

Armauer Hansen Research Institute thanks Dr. Kidist Bobosha, Mrs. Hiwot Eyob, Prof. Henry Blumberg, Dr. Russell Kempker, and many other mentors and mentees for the exemplary leadership and collaboration.



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