The Lancet senior editor visits Armauer Hansen Research Institute

AHRI, Addis Ababa, [31/05/2023] – Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) welcomes Dr. Ann Matieus,
editor of the Lancet journal. The visit aimed to foster meaningful interaction, and setting the stage
for collaborations and knowledge sharing.

The event commenced with a presentation on comprehensive overview of the institute, highlighting
its research activities, achievements, and contributions to the field. Directors of Divisions had the
opportunity to present research projects currently underway within their units, showcasing the
range of research undertakings at AHRI.

Dr. Ann Matieus delivers a presentation on the Lancet’s editorial process, which helps attendees
get insights about the standards and procedures involved in publishing scientific research. The
presentations was followed by an engaging discussion, where attendees, senior and early career
researchers had the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice.

The event proved to be a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering connections between
established researchers and emerging talents. It also provided opportunity for the AHRI team to gain
first hand insights into the world of academic publishing.

The event also highlighted the research being conducted at AHRI, and emphasized the institution’s
commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and making a significant impact in the field.

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